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Best Way to Straighten Your Teeth Without Braces

One of the best ways to straighten your teeth without braces is to use Invisalign, which are invisible braces that are more comfortable on the teeth than traditional braces. Invisalign is basically clear braces that are made out of plastic. When you meet with the orthodontist for a consultation, the orthodontist will take x rays and scans of your teeth. Once you receive the Invisalign retainers, you’ll wear them most of the time with exceptions of moments when you need to brush and floss your teeth. Every 2 weeks you will go in for appointments and this helps you maintain your braces and new smile.

Additional Facts About Invisalign You Should Know

Invisalign retainers cost more than traditional braces and one reason is because of the laboratory fees associated with the company that manufactures these braces. So far over a million people have used Invisalign for straightening their teeth, and the retainers are removable unlike traditional braces.

Main Benefits of Invisalign

Invisalign treats various cosmetic dental issues such as crowding, overbite and under bite. Invisalign straightens your teeth and you can eat most foods without much hassle. With Invisalign you get teeth straightening without everyone knowing it. The retainers also make it easy to brush and floss your teeth.

Does My Dental Insurance Cover Invisalign?

Although Invisalign states that most dental insurance plans cover the procedure, it is always wise to look over your policy and ask questions before signing up for the treatment. If your insurer covers part of the procedure, inquire about the percentage that they cover and how much will come out of pocket. The average cost of Invisalign ranges from $2000 to $8000 depending on the kind of tooth issues you have. When you meet with the dentist he will give you an estimate of the cost.

Cleaning Your Invisalign Retainers

After removing the retainers in between meals or teeth brushings, you should rinse them in warm water then gently wash them with a small drop of dishwashing liquid. You can dry them with a small clean rag. Never clean Invisalign retainers with toothpaste because this scratches them.

Invisalign Gives You Quicker Results

Another reason why Invisalign is effective is that it gives you quicker results than traditional braces. Metal braces can take up to 36 months to straighten your teeth and it could take longer than this depending on the individual. With Invisalign it will be at least a year before you see real results.

In conclusion, getting Invisalign retainers is excellent for straightening your teeth with minimal embarrassment, hassle and pain. You will have a better smile and your confidence is restored. With Invisalign the process does not take long and the results are fabulous. As long as you take great care of your teeth following the treatment, you will have a healthy and beautiful for years to come.


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